Spotlight: John Howard

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John Howard is the video production teacher at Hart High School. Upon becoming a teacher, Howard 16 years old at the time, has worked on various projects including Nationwide commercials,worked with NBC and made a tele film called “Convicted A Mother’s Story.” Howard is married, he has 2 sons, one from a previous marriage. He earned his bachelors degree in literature at CSUN.

John teaches students how to produce broadcasts,creating short films and what productions are like.It consists of  two parts. Part one: Hart TV and Part 2: Short Films.Howard always wanted to become a teacher growing up. If he decided not to become a teacher, he would consider being a writer.

When John sees students’ minds expand or sees former students expand knowledge of what the’ve learned from him, it excites him. Being a video production teacher does have it’s perks, “There’s just not enough hours in a day!” says Howard. Aside from teaching, John’s favorite things to do are watching films,writing stories, and walking his pet pug Q. John’s advice for students is, “If you’re passionate about a career in teaching or entertainment. It’ll motivate you and it’s going to be more than a job,but a hobby.”

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