Spotlight: Allan Trautman

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Improv teacher Allan Trautman has definitely has one of the most interesting careers of all the teachers at college of the canyons. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Allan graduated with a MFA in acting from CalArts, and then went on to work for Jim Henson and the rest of the Muppets in MuppetVision 3D, which is still showing in Disney theme parks today. From there he was called to work on the puppet sitcom Dinosaurs in 1991, and worked on all 65 episodes of it.

Allan’s favorite part about being a teacher here is working with his students. He describes improv class as “something you sign up for when you have a goal in mind”, and loves to see by the end of the semester how far his students have progressed and how much they’ve learned.

He also encourages everyone to come see his students perform live on May 25 at College of the Canyons.

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