Santa Clarita celebrates Cinco de Mayo and the Latin Culture

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The Latino Chamber of Commerce held their third annual Cinco de Mayo celebration event  at Old Town Newhall.

The event was held to celebrate the diverse Latin culture in the city of Santa Clarita.

At the event Latin music was performed, a gymnastic performance by Hugo’s Gymfitness gymnasts, as well as different dances from various cities of Mexico and there was even Cumbia dance lessons. Latin music was played by Golden Valley High School students.

“The kids performed and we are representing and introducing their culture and heritage.the kids have been waiting for Cinco de Mayo it is usually are most celebrated holiday, said Amber Martinez, Director of Ballet Folklorico.

The event not only celebrated Mexican heritage but all Latino cultures as well.

“It’s the third year we are celebrating with the city of Santa Clarita. Really this is a celebration of culture. This event is to celebrate Mexico and the different cultures of Latin America and join together to celebrate the diversity in this country,” said Patsy Ayala, Board member of the SCV Latino Chamber of Commerce.

“We are all Latinos, we are all basically the same. We speak the same language and culturally we are similar,” said Bill Miranda, CEO of the SCV Latino Chamber of Commerce.

Mexicans celebrating their Mexican heritage is all of us [Latinos] celebrating.”

Cinco de Mayo is often confused as Mexican Independence day but, in actuality it is the victory of Mexico versus France in the Battle of Puebla. The Battle of Puebla was on May 5, 1862 and that day 4500 Mexican soldiers defeated 8000 French soldiers.

Cinco de Mayo is still celebrated in the city of Puebla, Mexico but they call it the “El Dia de La Batalla de Puebla” (“The Day of the Battle of Puebla”.

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