Over 1,300 set to graduate tomorrow at COC

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By Jesse Munoz

The College of the Canyons class of 2013 will celebrate the college’s 44th anniversary commencement ceremony at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow, in the college’s Honor Grove, located on the Valencia campus.

“Commencement is an inspirational time, as it symbolizes our students’ ability to triumph over doubts, face their fears, and persevere. Unwavering determination trumps all else,” said College of the Canyons Chancellor Dr. Dianne Van Hook. “I know our future is in good hands.

Photo Courtesy Dave Brill
Photo Courtesy Dave Brill

The class of 2013 has 1,317 graduates, representing a roughly 9.1 percent increase from the class of 2012 (1,198).

This class represents 77 majors, with nursing (156 students) ranking as the leading field of study among graduates, followed by accounting (145 students), liberal arts and sciences (97) and biological and physical sciences (90 students).

The class of 2013 is 38.4 percent male (506 students) and 61.6 percent female (811 students), which represents a roughly 1.6 percent increase in the percentage of male graduates and a 15.8 percent increase in the percentage of female graduates, when compared to the class of 2012.

Academically, there are 258 students graduating with honors >which requires a 3.5 GPA or higher — and 17 students with perfect 4.0 GPAs,which grants them the status of valedictorians at the college.

The average GPA of the class of 2013 is 3.07, which remains unchanged from last year’s mark.

The average age of a COC graduate is 26. The oldest student in the class is 68, with a total of six graduates over the age of 60.

There are also two students in the 17-year-old age group, representing the youngest graduates in the class. One graduate will turn 21 on commencement day!

Notably, this year there are 701 ethnic minority students included in the college’s graduating class, representing an increase of approximately 26.5 percent when compared to 2012. Included among this group are 30 international students.

There are also 39 veteran graduates in the college’s class of 2013.

Additionally, 77 percent of this year’s graduates have completed at least once course at the college’s Canyon Country campus.

The scene of many graduations and other college ceremonies and events, the COC Honor Grove is located in the center of campus and will be outfitted with a stage for the presentation of diplomas and certificates, as well as seating for the graduates and the proud families and friends who will be in attendance.

However, community members attending the ceremony should plan to arrive to campus no later than 8:15 a.m., as parking lots are expected to be congested and guest seating is limited.

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