College of the Canyons students show their perspective on the modern arts

by Halie Cook, Staff Writer 828 views0

 VALENCIA – For the next month, students will be showcasing their artwork in the College of the Canyons Art Gallery at the 17th Annual Student Art Exhibition.

 This rare opportunity to view student artwork only comes around once a year.

 The art ranging from sculpture to 3D design, is on display throughout the room and gives the viewer plenty of room to stand back and appreciate it all.

 Giving students the opportunity to view their artwork and their peers’ in a professional setting helps students learn about the importance of presentation and professionalism.

 “There are mostly professional exhibitions here so art students can see what kind of art is out in the real world,” says Virgina Arnold, administrative assistant.

 The gallery does not put price tags on any of the art and any sales are between the potential buyer and the student artist.

 “Usually I contact the artist and see if they want to get in touch with the buyer,” says Arnold.

 The goal of the student art exhibition is to create a program that allows students to participate in a competition for the district art collection.

 The chosen pieces of art will be part of the Santa Clarita Community College District’s permanent art collection and will be displayed at either the Canyon Country Campus or the Valencia Campus.

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