2013 Media Entertainment Arts Showcase

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COC will be hosting its 14th annual Showcase on May 31 in the Hasley Hall Theater.

The Showcase will be screening short films, animation shorts, commercials and public service announcements, and a “Best Of” from Cougar News, as well as having live music on display for faculty, family and friends, with work from students in multiple fields of study here at COC.

“The Showcase first began,” explains Dave Brill, Media and Entertainment Arts Department Chair Head, “in spring of 1999, and was a concept of film professor Paolo Dovanzo, who very much believed in the screening of student work.”

In last year’s Showcase, 40-50 films were submitted with 20-25 being screened, but Brill projects that this year will be much larger because this year’s film department has “increased 15-20 percent in both beginning and advanced film classes.”

Media Entertainment Arts students who have entered material into the Showcase in recent years have gone on to exciting new careers, ranging from investigative reporters for news stations to working on feature films around the world.

“I am totally looking forward to this year’s Showcase,” says Brian Bigler, a COC film major. “It’s great to see all the creativity that is produced out of COC.”

Brill explains that Showcase will be set up with a, “family friendly first half, and R-rating for the second half.”

Doors open at 5:30 p.m., with film screenings beginning around 7 p.m.

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