Velocity Sports catches “March Madness”

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Velocity Sports held its first annual March Madness Night, where kids were given the opportunity to compete on the court like the professionals do.

The event displayed a 3 point shootouts, a hot shot challenge, and yes, even a dunk contest.

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KABC7 Sports Anchor/Reporter, Curt Sandoval invested in Velocity less than a year ago, fulfilling one of his life’s ambitions of training younger children, and teaching them the value of hard work, and competition.

“A lot of these kid’s won’t do anything athletically beyond high school, if that… but all of them will compete in the real world for jobs and life, ” Sandoval said.

Sandoval considers himself blessed to have been around some of the best coaches known in sports, and he has utilized all of his previous knowledge to help the younger generation thrive.

As for March Madness Night, those in attendance seemed to have been caught off guard with the many creatively planned events, but needless to say, the kids enjoyed their time in the spotlight showcasing their skills in front of family and friends.

Velocity looks to make March Madness Night a yearly tradition.

Tigran Martirosyan

Tigran Martirosyan is a broadcast-journalist, aspiring to be an on-air affiliate reporter, anchor, and broadcaster, that is currently a broadcast and print journalist for Cougar News (College of the Canyons), and the Santa Clarita Valley. By fall of 2014, he will enroll into Cal State University of Northridge, and become a member of Valley View News. Throughout his time at College of the Canyons, Tigran has interned for various stations such as, KABC-TV, ESPN Los Angeles, and SCVTV. Following his internships, he worked as a production assistant at KABC-TV, and is currently a producer, editor, and reporter at Yokal Sports Los Angeles. Prior to graduating CSUN, he will seek yet another production assistant position, and find employment at a major network affiliate after receiving his Bachelors in Broadcast-Journalism & Business.

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