Santa Clarita’s smallest Warriors

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Looking to get your kids involved in something fun and active, then get them off the couch?

One option you might want to consider is the Santa Clarita’s Warriors Track and Field team.

Loyal Santa Clarita residents have done a great job of keeping the program alive just by word of mouth that the program has  never had to advertise.

Since 1969 the program has been making a difference in kids lives, and showing them that running can be fun and entertaining.

When asked what is one of the most valuable things the children take away from this experience Director Greg Moser said ” They learn that hard work pays off, team work, and discipline.”

The Process of getting involved is easy, Go to and sign up!

Sign ups start in December and the season runs from February till May. Although the deadline has already passed, kids can always be put on the waiting list to make sure to lock in your spot for next season.

The program includes kids from ages 5-14.


Yvette Sanchez, Staff Writer

Yvette Sanchez was born in Van Nuys CA, and grew up in the San Fernando Valley living there all her life. She currently attends College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita CA, as a Broadcast/Journalism major. She noticed her interest for Broadcast/Journalism her Junior year of High School when her english teacher pulled her aside and brought up the idea. Yvette has always had a passion for writing, informing people with information and being in front of a camera. Once she realized that this is what she wanted to do she set her mind to it and went ahead with it. Her main goal is to be a sports reporter for a popular station, she wants to stand out of the crowd by not just reporting sports, but reporting sports that have hard hitting news. She is willing and hard working and does not always have to be in front of a camera , she wants to be well rounded and be able to do everything in the Broadcast/Journalism world.

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