Bite-sized life lessons

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Jessica Pineda is a former Cougar News correspondent. Currently, she is in Florida taking part in a Walt Disney World internship program. From time to time, she will write about her experiences in Florida and at the “Magic Kingdom.”

I’ve learned a lot of things during my College Program, and here are some of those lessons condensed into bite size bits!

1.Rejection is no big deal. I applied for several internships and scholarship opportunities only to be rejected by each and every one of them. Sure, it was disappointing at first, but I learned that it is nothing to cry about. Entering a job market, one will be faced with plenty of rejection, but the ones who are resilient and work hard are the ones who succeed.

DCP White Board
My white board has helped me plan out my days here in Orlando!

2. Organization is key. Working over 30 hours a week, apartment chores, laundry, attending two classes, and trying to squeeze in the time to have fun? It seems like too much to do, but making to-do lists and organizing has really helped me manage my time well! Taking just 15 minutes in the morning to roughly plan out your day helps clear your mind. Also, take the time to put things away after you use them. It avoids the rush of trying to find a lost nametag or belt while getting ready for work.

3. The little things are important. At Disney, they are called Magical Moments. Even while working a 9.5 hour shift and having a stressful life situation on my hands outside of work that left me on the verge of tears, a little girl gave me a hug after I told her she looked beautiful in her Princess Aurora gown. That was enough to leave me glowing for the rest of the day, despite what was going on around me. Appreciating many little things turns the day into something extravagant and different.

4. Build relationships. Make friends and say hello to people at school, work, or anywhere you go. You never know whom you may meet or if you will ever cross paths again! A random guest at work stopped me for a few minutes, and we introduced ourselves and spoke for a while before she went on her way. A few weeks later, I found out she was actually one of my newest coworkers who wanted to see what PhotoPass at Epcot was like before she started. Now, I see her every week. If you’d like to grow within a company or be a good leader, be sure to say hello and socialize with your managers and coworkers. A good leader is also a friend to everyone.

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