Alicia Keys live At Staples Center

by Mosheh A. Milon Staff Writer 766 views0

“This Girl Is On Fire” and so was the stage when Alicia Keys came to the Staples Center March 12 for a stop on her world tour “Set The World On Fire” The building was buzzing with energy and a sold out Staples Center was in store for a exciting and entertaining show from the 15 Grammy winner.

Alicia Keys opened with her first hit, “You Don’t Know My Name.” Looking sexy with a short cut and a fedora she kept the energy high with a mixture of club hits and progressive ballads. Complete with black suited male dancers, all while playing a white grand piano.

Her performance of “Woman’s Worth” was played with a James Bond 007 theme along with Alicia on a vintage Rhodes key board to thousands of women in the stands. The crowd was on its feet most of the night, a giant projector screen gave the audience an up close and personal view of the show from everywhere in the stadium. The visuals were interactive and vibrant  and made the stage come alive and supported the show seamlessly.

Her voice was strong and beautiful, every note was sung effortlessly and the band was in the pocket all night. Her hit “I’m Ready” kept the crowd on their feet bringing couples closer and closer with every verse. Her piano solo on “Sleeping With A Broken Heart” was epic and invited a standing ovation, leading way to her solo that showcased the full range of her voice. Her crowd jumping performance of “Falling In And Out Of Love” showed her ability to command the crowd, while they snapped their fingers in unison as she sung Allah’s part to “Poetic Justice” by her special surprise guest Kendrick Lamar.

The crowd had no idea what was going on as Kendrick performed “Swimming Pools” in the middle of Alicia’s set. She even had Maxwell singing a duet and Jay-Z performing “New York” appeared on the big screen projector  with her. To follow up those surprises she performed “Unbreakable” and ended with her recent hit “Girl On Fire” while playing a snare drum and floor tom in the center of the stage. Singing and playing the drums was a surprise to me, I had no idea this would be a part of her show but it was a great example of her versatility.

Alicia Keys left it all on the stage and gave her heart and soul to LA. She is truly blessed with an amazing talent and I was their to experience it first ears, eyes and  hand. The girl was truly on fire.

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