SCV All-Stars climb their way to The Summit

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photo-10Local cheer organization the SCV All-Stars have been invited to compete at The Summit in Orlando, FL. a competition created solely for the best cheer teams from across the country.

Owner of SCV All-Stars, Danielle Wick has been working with cheerleading students since 2003. The program that Wick has created has become a part of the Top-Tier cheerleading programs in the West Coast. Working with children ages 5-18 with levels from beginner to elite, Daniel has been able to create a cheer program that exceeds expectations.

“I think the biggest difference between my gym compared to other cheerleading gyms, is our focus on young kids and their families. We are very family friendly here at SCV,” Wick said.

“Other gyms are a lot more hardcore when it comes to missing vacations in the summer or family time. Our kids do need to be at practices, of course we want them here, but we are definitely a little more relaxed when it comes to them missing practice for family activities.”

Since the creation of SCV All-Stars in 2003, the program has continued to grow by adding more teams and increasing the level of difficulty every year.

“SCV All-Stars started when several families, that were currently cheering at a different location, wanted to have a better program for their young children ages 5-7. It started with twelve 5-7 year olds just practicing in a park. It then grew the next year to 55 kids, the following year to 125, and then to 225 and has stayed around there ever since,” said Wick.

With innovative choreography, exciting cheer routines, quality cheer athletes, and high standards of sportsmanship, it is no question why SCV All-Star’s ‘Senior Blue’ has been given the opportunity to perform at The Summit.

“This year there is a new competition that is held in Orlando, Florida that is called The Summit.” Wick smiles saying, “The Summit is the best of the best. It will take teams from all across the country that have won in their division at different competitions, that will then all compete for one grand champion title in Orlando. In addition to the girls competing and winning here in California, they will also be able to travel to Orlando in hopes to be crowned grand champion.”

photo 3Following an outstanding performance at Spirit Sport’s ‘Duel in the Desert’ competition held in February at the Palm Springs Convention Center, SCV All-Star team ‘Senior Black’ won a bid to The Summit.  In cheer terminology, “winning a bid,” means that the selected team has placed high enough in their division that they can be included in The Summit, as well as receive money for their placement. You must get a bid from a company in order to compete at The Summit whether it is a Full Paid Bid, Partial Bid, or an Un-paid bid.

Showing off their amazing skills, Senior Blue competed in the in the Small Senior All Girls Level-3 division, winning an Un-paid bid to The Summit.

Anna-Mari Boskovich has been a cheer coach at SCV All-Stars for 3 years helping direct the teams to championship glory.

“Right now we are in the middle of our competition season so we are doing a lot of full-outs at practices,” said Boskovich.

“Full-outs are when our girls or boys do all of their skills involved in the routines full out, which consist of their tumbling, stunting, motions, and jumps. We do this so that we can clean up the routine and make sure everything is sharp and tight and to be sure that all stunts will hit. You never want to go out on the competition floor afraid that something is going to fall or it isn’t going to be perfect.”

Currently, Wick is only taking her ‘Senior Blue’ team to The Summit. With one more competition ahead of them, she hopes that her Junior Level-3 and Senior Level-4 teams will be able to win bids as well.

Constantly reminding their athletes the values of commitment, self-confidence, leadership, and hard work the SCV All-Stars will confidently perform their ultimate best at The Summit May 4-5, 2013, at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL.

SCV All-Stars is located at 28335 Constellation Road, Valencia. Open Monday – Saturday, 3 p.m. – 9 p.m. For more information, call (661) 775-0994 or visit

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