New PAC director officially introduced

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The new COC PAC director was officially introduced Wednesday night at the University Center.

Santa Clarita Community College Board of Trustees and Chancellor Dr. Dianne Van Hook introduced Evy Warshawski as the new PAC director.

Dr. Van Hook said, “She’s very engaging, she’s very personable, she likes people and she gets very excited about things. And of course in being a PAC director or in leading anything you have to be passionate about it you have to be able to inspire other people and she does that really well.”

Warshawski has had an illustrious twenty five year career prior to joining  the COC staff. Warshawski was highly regarded and recommended to Assistant Superintendent/Vice President Joseph Gerda during the hiring process to fill the vacated PAC director position.

Gerda said, “When I was doing the reference checks for her people talked about her being a super star and that we [COC] would be very lucky  to get someone who is as accomplished as Evy. She is known as a professional who understands how to strategic planning and create vision.”

We are really excited and lucky to have her join us here at College of the Canyons.”

After her first day on the job, the hard driven Warshawski will be opening her first show as COC’s PAC director DanceBrazil, Friday March 15.

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