Local wineries come together for a good cause

by Eric Saylor, Staff Writer 602 views0

Being selfish by doing things you enjoy doesn’t always have to end on a sour note, it can sometimes lead to helping those in need.

The Bridgeport Marketplace played host to the 3rd Annual Santa Clarita Winefest and for the second straight year they had the Michael Hoefflin Foundation as their official charity.

The Michael Hoefflin Foundation for Children’s Cancer is a non-profit foundation that helps support families in the Santa Clarita Valley that have been diagnosed with cancer.

Their goal, through research, is to put an end to children’s cancer in all its forms.

Along with the charity, local wineries showcased their wines, several of them displaying the awards they have won for the tastes they have created.

“A rocking good time, ” one connoisseur shared, while enjoying a glass of fine local wine.

For more information about the foundation please visit http://www.mhf.org and for information about the Winefest visit http://www.santaclaritawinefest.com/

If you missed out on this event, the LA Winefest happens June 8 – 9 and will have over 500 wines, spirits and brews, as well as education classes about wine. http://www.lawinefest.com/wordpress/

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