COC students adjust to daylight savings time

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Students across the globe are experiencing a shift in their internal clocks as their phones and computers have automatically sprung forward an hour.

Daylight Savings Time took place on Sunday at 2 a.m., while most folks were deep in their slumber.

“It’s a little confusing if you don’t know it’s daylight savings time,” said Joel Herrera a COC student. “We lose an hour of sleep so I just go to sleep a little earlier to adjust.”

The time change for students means losing an hour and having to figure out a way to stay awake in class as they try to readjust their circadian rhythms (internal body clocks).

However, some students don’t find it as difficult to adjust to the loss of an hour and were even prepared for it.

“I’m fasting and I keep track of when the sun comes up and goes down, so through that I knew the clocks were getting set back,” said Shayda Azamian, a COC Student.

“It’s pretty good, it’s not too bad, my schedule is not thrown off.”

For those that may find difficulty adjusting, NBC News and Health Magazine gave some tips on feeling fatigue during this time.

Tips included:

–          Setting alarm clocks 5-10 minutes earlier than usual, two or three days out of the week for the two weeks following daylight savings.

–          Avoid drinking caffeine in the afternoon.

–          Go catch sunlight immediately after waking up.

–          Avoid bright lights such as computers, cell phones, and the television before going to sleep.

These tips should all help to make the transition slightly easier for everyone experiencing difficulty and will assist in adjusting your body clock.

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