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Pro wrestling, a sport to some, a joke to others, but for Santa Clarita’s own “Brawlin” Bo Cooper, it has been a way of life. For sixteen years Bo has worked towards accomplishing his dream of being a full time pro wrestler.

Pro Wrestler
Pro Wrestler

Cooper attended pro wrestling school at Jesse Hernandez’s School of Hard Knox and after two years he wrestled his first professional match. Over the last sixteen years Cooper has traveled all over California wrestling for many different pro wrestling promotions including, Vendetta Pro Wrestling, Millennium Pro Wrestling, Dungeon Championship Wrestling, and many more. Cooper has also wrestled as far up north as Santa Maria and as local as Newhall at the American Legion Hall Post 507.

The big money that is usually associated with pro wrestling is not always the case on the independent wrestling scene.

“There is a big difference,” Cooper said.

Most independent pro wrestling promotions  spend their money on bringing in one popular former WWE superstar to draw a crowd so he or she gets majority of the money. Anything left over gets distributed between the rest of the wrestlers.

“Some promoters promise you one thing then give you another,” Cooper said.

A low point may have been when Cooper said he was given a hot dog and a handshake instead of payment.

Cooper’s career has had its upside.  He has worked twice for the WWE which is considered the gold standard of the sports entertainment industry.

“It was very intimidating. I just made sure to do as I was told and keep my nose straight.”

Cooper has also had his hard work and desire pay off in the ring, with opportunities, wrestling legends he grew up watching like “Doink the Clown” and WWE Hall of Fame alumni “Super Fly” Jimmy Snuka.

Bo continues to perform on independent pro wrestling shows and hopes to make his return to American Legion Post 507  in Newhall, Calif.

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