The happiest internship on earth

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Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom

Jessica Pineda is a former Cougar News correspondent. Currently, she is in Florida taking part in a Walt Disney World internship program. From time to time, she will write about her experiences in Florida and at the “Magic Kingdom.”

A few weeks ago, I traveled 3,000 miles away from home to pursue my dream of living at Disney World  and working for the one and only Mickey Mouse!

I am currently residing in Orlando, Florida this spring semester for the Walt Disney World College Program, in which I take courses taught by Disney facilitators, work at the theme parks, and create magic that will last a lifetime.

My role within Disney is a PhotoPass Photographer at Epcot! I add magic to Guests’ memories by photographing them with icons and beautiful views, taking photos of character meetings and capturing magical moments.

A photo of my boss and me!
A photo of my boss and me!

In the dedication of Disneyland, Walt Disney said, “Here age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future.”

This is my first experience living away from home, travelling to the east coast, paying rent and essentially living and supporting myself as a fully independent adult.

I may be spending five months where children of all ages come to play, but I have a lot of growing up ahead of me as I live, learn, and earn at “Where Dreams Come True”.

I will be posting updates on Cougar News with my experiences and lessons learned on a variety of topics, from Disney news and photos, career building, living on my own, advice, and much more!

Let the Memories Begin!

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