Dorner carjack victim connected to COC Field Studies Program

by David Perez, Staff Writer 613 views0

Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer suspected of killing four people including two police officers, is believed to be dead after a standoff with San Bernardino Sheriff’s deputies Tuesday.

Before a final showdown with authorities, Dorner attempted to make an escape and carjacked a man just off Glass Road near Highway 38 near Big Bear.

Dorner’s carjack victim was a ranger for Camp Tahquitz – a location occasionally used by the COC Field Studies program. The camp is located in Angelus Oaks, about five miles from Big Bear Lake.

Dorner confronted Rick Heltebrake, 61, as Dorner evaded authorities Tuesday. Dorner ordered Heltebrake out of his truck and drove off.

“I have no doubt it was Dorner,” Heltebrake said to KTTV-TV Wednesday. “As I got out of the door – [of the truck] – we were close enough to slap hands.”

Heltebrake told KTLA-TV that a man approached his truck pulled out a weapon and told him to get his dog and walk down the road. Heltebrake also said that just minutes after that incident he heard a number of gunshots.

“I was happy that he let me go and had me take my dog,” Heltebrake told Savannah Guthrie on NBC’s “Today Show.”

Late Tuesday night San Bernardino Sheriff’s officials reported that a charred body was found in the cabin that Dorner was allegedly holed up in.

Forensic tests will be required to positively identify the charred human remains as Dorner’s.

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