Construction of new water tank slows traffic in Saugus

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Commuters in the Santa Clarita Valley can expect traffic delays as sections of Bouquet Canyon Road are renovated to accommodate a new water pipeline.

The Santa Clarita Water Division began construction on a 3.75 million gallon water storage facility in the hills behind Central Park in Saugus.

According to officials, the reservoir will address water deficiencies to the surrounding area.

In an effort to reduce the strain on traffic, road construction will be held mostly at night and into the early morning hours, until the end of April.

Electronic signs warn commuters of the construction, which is scheduled between the hours of 8:30p.m. and 4:30 a.m.

The decision was made to create the reservoir to reduce the water deficiencies in the area due to a 2008 water ration plan report; which, identified the area as one of four zones that is effected by a lack of water.

Julian Lee, principal engineer at Santa Clarita Water Division, hopes the new facility will “make people comfortable with what’s out there.”

A 24-inch pipeline is being constructed beneath the roadway to connect the surrounding water lines to the reservoir.

The pipeline will stretch from Centurion Way to Urbandale Avenue, Lee said.

“The storage tank will support fire flow, operational and emergency water.”

The tank will store a surplus of water that will aid the area in the event of a wild fire, power outage or other complications.

According to officials, the Santa Clarita Water Division already has 47 storage tanks covering the Santa Clarita Valley including the Saugus and Canyon Country areas.

These tanks combined house roughly 74 million gallons of stored water.

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