Bullet holes and broken windows riddle Canyon Country Campus

by David Perez, Staff Writer 1,147 views0

Quad2CANYON COUNTRY — Vandalism involving a “small caliber weapon” damaged several areas at College of the Canyons’ Canyon Country campus early Saturday morning officials said Wednesday.

An unknown number of individuals entered the locked campus and took shots at 10 overhead light fixtures and six windows as well as buildings between Quad 2 and Quad 4.

“Some items were repaired immediately Monday morning when campus opened,” Dr.Ryan Theule, Dean of the Canyon Country campus said.

Windows at the ASG Student Lounge and Computer Lab (bungalow 204-205) as well as the classroom windows of bungalow 400-401 were broken.BulletHoles

“Any time there is an incident of vandalism or otherwise, campus safety, facilities, custodial and staff is involved. With their help, we relocated classes while windows were repaired,” Theule said.

There have been increased patrols to the campus especially during off hours as well as other security measures to prevent something like this from happening again.


“The incident is currently under active investigation and our detective bureau is handling the case,” said Deputy Josh Dubin of the SCV Sherrifs Dept.

If you have any information and would like to leave an anonymous tip you can call 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

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