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Christmas and the New Year bring to mind images of babies as many celebrate the birth of Jesus. Others look ahead to the symbolic baby New Year. For award-winning Santa Clarita photographer, Yoti Telio, babies are angelic everyday of the year.

“I love photography babies. They’re angelic, they’re beautiful, they’re little and every one of them is a small gift to the parents and to the world,” Telio says, owner of Santa Clarita Photographic Studio.

The holidays bring out the child in most people as they prepare gifts for one another, especially for the children. It is the time many churches portray the gifts brought by the wise men to the Christ Child. Across the globe, angelic images of fragile fingers and chubby cheeked cherubs adorn holiday decor.

This year children are at the forefront of most American’s minds because of the Newtown tragedy. When looking at Santa Clarita tots, many are reminded to pray for the families affected.

Telio has seen many children from different communities and nationalities. His giftedness for photographing children began at an early age.

“I am of Greek and Italian heritage born in Romania. I have been a photographer since I was 6-and-a-half-years-old,” he explains, continuing his childhood passion throughout high school. Yoti was recently awarded the grand prize during Santa Clarita’s Empowering HeARTS competition for his photographic images of his childhood icon, Alice Davis, designer for Disney’s “It’s a Small World.”  Other professional accolades include:

Baby Talk with Santa Clarita award-winning photographer, Yoti Telio
Baby Talk with Santa Clarita award-winning photographer, Yoti Telio

2009 Best of Valencia Wedding & Portrait Photography
2007 California Studio Portrait Photographer of the Year
2007 National Fuji Masterpiece in Portraiture Award

Babies change quickly during the first few months. Yoti encourages new parents to take the time to photograph infants within the child’s first two months.  He opens his new photography studio in the heart of Valencia’s industrial park at 25345 Avenue Stanford, Suite #203 where he tastefully displays stunning portraits of many cheerful children. Yoti makes it clear that his photography is far more than a photo op.

“Babies are God’s gift to us. It’s proof that the best things do come in small packages.”

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