SCV Snow Fest

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On Dec. 1, families around the Santa Clarita Valley made their way to the Santa Clarita YMCA for a very fun morning at the SCV Snow Fest.

It was a cloudy day that morning and the turnout for the event was tremendous as the parking lot was full and people had to park in nearby neighborhoods and walk almost a mile. The activities that took place were appropriate for everyone including playing and sledding in snow, arts and crafts, hot cocoa along with other refreshments, and taking pictures with Santa.

The membership director of the YMCA, Sharlene Duzick, says that they do the event for the people in the community and for YMCA members.

“This is the third year of snow fest they they have brought in snow in the backyard and they keep supplementing it every year and making it bigger and better,” Duzick said. Last year the snow fest had five tons of snow, but this year the YMCA raised the amount of snow to 10 tons.

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