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Imagination and creativity is what drives the entertainment industry and Hollywood blockbusters invite audiences to explore worlds not realized in real life. With the many positions and duties that it requires to make a feature film come true there is one thing that has to happen to start the process, the story. The favorite movies of past and present start with an idea and the development of those ideas. Some say the screenwriters are the most important piece of the Hollywood puzzle. Ron Mita is one of those sought after writers that bring ideas to life on paper. With out the writers these ideas never see the big screen.

Ron Mita is a successful screenwriter who’s notable stories such “Swat”, “Robots”, and “Sniper 2” have come to life at the end of his pen. He is also an instrument part of the lives of young screen writers coming out of the COC campus. His passion and love for writing is what he bestows on to his students and there accomplishments bring him the greatest reward next to his stories reaching the big screen.

Ron Mita started of as a film production student at Loyola Marymount University where he quickly learned that the price of making films was not cheap. This drew him to writing because he was able to create stories at a much faster pace than actually filming them. He then changed his major to screen writing and as they say the rest was history.

Ron Mita continues to write screen plays and is an active player in the film industry continuing to write stories that will hopefully reach the big screen. He is currently a freelance screenwriter and also works for an animation film company out of Norway. His tenure as a teacher at COC continues to award him with joy and excitement, and as his students grow and learn so does he.

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