Picking the best Christmas tree

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Not sure how to pick out the best type of Christmas tree?  Stress no longer! Bennett’s Best Christmas tree lot in the COC parking lot is happy to help and has more than enough to choose from.

Bennett’s Best has been around for 8 years, and each tree comes fresh all the way from Oregon. The lot consists of several types of firs including the common Noble, Silver Tip Noble, Nordman, Greg, Doug and Grand firs.

“The Noble is by far the most popular tree,” manager Norm Whitla said. Whitla said the Nobles have a nice shape, lose their needles very slowly, are fairly resistant to bugs and have stiff branches to hang ornaments from.

The main difference between getting a Noble rather than a Grand fir or Douglas fir are their branches. Grand and Douglas firs have somewhat flimsy branches, but are still very pretty, full and symmetrical trees.

Although the Noble has the best qualities in a tree, they are also the most expensive type; this is not because of their popularity, but because of how slow the process is to grow them.  Nobles are sheared, fertilized and bug sprayed every year. It takes a lot more work to produce them in comparison to the other types of trees.

After purchasing your tree, the most important thing to remember is water!  The day of purchasing your tree, the bowl needs to be filled with water as soon as it is brought home.  After a week the tree will start to drink less, but always keep the bowl full.  Whitla said Nobles bought now should last well into January, as long as they are being watered.

Prices range depending on size at Bennett’s Best, but small trees can be purchased for as little as $20, and the common size six-footers start at just $54.

With the beautiful trees, great prices and cheerful atmosphere at Bennett’s Best, there is no doubting this lot is full of Christmas spirit and one of the best in Santa Clarita!

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