Nancy Inganni

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By Devin Swearingen

Nancy Inganni is College of the Canyons English 081 instructor,  as well as an adjunct at Antelope Valley college.

Inganni was born in New York city but soon her family packed up their bags and traveled to North Hollywood.

After spending her childhood in Southern  California,  Iganni and  her mother drove to Connecticut to settle down but ended up relocating in  Boston.

After high school, Iganni’s mother took an active interest in finding the right college but Iganni said she struggled to initially find meaning in a higher education.

Eventually she came across a course on education and found her purpose in the world. She realized this because of how great she was at getting people to comprehend certain lessons.

After realizing the potential success she could have with teaching ,Nancy then moved to the United Kingdom.

After spending seven years aboard, she then moved back to Los Angeles.

Inganni eventually settled in a  spacious house in Palmdale where she currently resides today.

Nancy is an incredible teacher and deserves many wealthy wishes due to her strict policy of paying it forward.

She truly loves teaching and cares about her students.

One thing that she doesn’t enjoy is all of the paperwork she has to bring home.


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