Mickey Mouse wants your money!

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By Sina Parks

Disney’s Christmas Tree is 60 feet high.

Thinking about getting an annual pass to Disneyland? Well, hold onto your wallets!

Disneyland has four types of annual passes. Premium pass at $649, which allows visitors access to the park for 365 days a year and covers parking, has increased by $150.

Passes with blackout dates also went up.

The Delux pass at $469, which allows visitors access to both parks for only 315 days during the year, increased by $90. Southern California pass at $329, created specifically for Southern California residents, allows access to both parks on 215 day and increased by $60. And The Southern California Select pass for $269, which allows access to both parks on 170 days, increased by $70.

The rise in prices doesn’t come as a shock to Disney fans, though, considering there are new multi-million-dollar projects like Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure.

Andrew Dubar, 23, a COC student and avid Disneyland-goer has mixed feelings about the prices.

“I currently have the Delux Pass,” he said. “I love my pass and being able to attend the parks on most days I want. But, being a college student and having a part-time job, $90 is a big pay difference for me. Not only am I paying for my pass, but for parking every visit and gas.”

For those who don’t purchase the Premium Pass that comes complimentary parking, they may purchase parking privileges for an additional $100. Otherwise, it costs $15 to park a car or motorcycle each visit, $20 for oversized vehicles, motor homes and tractors without trailers and $25 for buses and tractors with extended trailers.

Katie Maruyama, 24, a COC student and Disney lover will never give up on her passion.

“My whole life is Disney,” she said. “This is why I have the Premium Pass. I’ve had my pass for four years now. I get to go whenever I want and my parking is free. Yes, my pass went up in price, but Im willing to pay the price for the memories with my son and get away for a while.”

Maruyama said she pays $60 in gas for each round trip to Disneyland in her Jeep Wrangler, and Dubar pays $40.

Alex Dryness, a 21-year-old COC student, has the Southern California Select Pass.  “My boyfriend and I have the lowest pass. We are okay with this because we aren’t spending $600 on our passes. Yes, we can only go on selected days, but we aren’t crazy Disneyland freaks.”

Passholders are attending the Disney parks in droves due to holiday festivities. Main Street is lit up with millions of lights and the 60-foot tall Christmas tree is popular attradtions. The smell of cinnamon churros and hot cocoa run through the streets, and the carolers sing Christmas carols in New Orleans square.

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle lights up for the holidays!

Seems like it will take more than steeper prices to keep some COC students away from what they consider the happiest place on earth.

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