Local aspiring Hip Hop artist: Pascual Fuentes

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By Angelo Gepiga

With the genre of Hip Hop growing now more than ever, more artists are finding ways to become more creative and unique. Daniel Jodeci reyes, more commonly known as, Pascual Fuentes, is a Hip Hop artist ready to make his beats known.

The inspiration to the moniker was simple, “there was this guy when I was six, who used to live with us in Sylmar, and his name was Pascual,” Daniel chuckled, “after the ages of eight and nine, I never saw him again, so he was the inspiration to the name.”

I have personally known Pascual Fuentes for several years now, and he as always been one of my closest friends. Even through the years, I continue to be inspired by his talent.

“If I were to describe my sound, it would be a blend between Hip Hop and the way I use my vocal samples,” Pascual Fuentes said when asked to distinguish his genre, “I come from a background of a lot of progressive, experimental music.”

By channeling various melodies with chopped vocals and Hip Hop beats through his meticulously programmed midi controllers, Pascual Fuentes creates an ambient, house-esque sound sure to make your head bop in slow motion.

Pascual Fuenetes is a current student at the California Institute of the Arts and has been living in the Santa Clarita Valley for five years now. He has performed several live shows, including venues at Cal Arts and The Art House in Venice.

“Bombses” is available now for download. For more information, check out danieljreyes.com

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