Holiday season at the Ice Station

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By Vanessa Gallarza

During the winter season, Ice Station Valencia experiences its busiest time of the year. The winter camp Kidtastic is starting, a new training center opened inside, skaters are practicing for hockey and figure-skating competitions, and Snow Days create a busy atmosphere.

While some people think that business would increase during the hot summer months, the fun events during the winter really draw in the crowds, employees say.

Beyond organized events, there are public skating hours when anybody can come and skate on the Olympic-sized ice rink. These hours increase during the winter time.

On Dec. 2 and 9 there were “Snow Days,” and one is planned for Dec. 23 as well. Snow Days include snow on the “Pond,” which is one out of three rinks, plus skate rental and ice skating, hot cocoa and the opportunity to meet with Santa Claus. Admission also includes a free ice skating lesson and a special skating performance. Child admission is $12 and adults are free with a $5 skate rental.

With all these events and the bustling atmosphere, the Ice Station has had to increase employee’s hours and hire some help for the busy season.

“During the winter time we get about double the crowds and a large increase in holiday parties,” said Michal Robertson, the venue’s event manager. They business offers minimum wages for most positions.

The Ice Station has become a popular sport for offices, colleges, and churches to hold their holiday parties.

Even with the increase in business, the price to skate doesn’t increase this time of year. In fact, the Ice Station usually drops the price for Snow Days and other activities, like the Eat and Skate event. which took place Dec. 14 and included two food trucks to raise funds for the marketing club ADAMANT and the advertising club AD CATS. These are two COC clubs that are selling tickets to skate.

the Ice Station consists of a National Hockey League sized rink, an Olympic sized rink, and a small rink called the Pond. The Olympic rink is where public session is normally held, and the Pond is usually for group lessons, Snow Days, hockey practice and birthday parties. There are also group events where people can play broomball, a game like hockey but played with shoes on ice.

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