Hart District offers random drug testing

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There is a new program offered for all high school and junior high students to keep them off of drugs and alcohol. The program is called CADRE. It is a local recognized program designed to empower students to say “No” to drugs and alcohol use, it provides assurance to parents that their children are not using any drugs or alcohol.

It is completely voluntary and the school is not informed if your child fails a drug test it is strictly confidential. The program came about due to the high robbery rates in the Santa Clarita valley due to young men and women robbing households and pawning items that they stole for cash in order to get drugs also the high death rates in overdosing in young adults.

School officials want to attack this problem at a young age, they are teaching children in junior high about the effects of drugs and alcohol that they can encounter in high school and how you don’t have to do illegal substances in order to fit in the high school environment. The program offers ways to help your child out if they are addicts by promoting therapy not only for the children but the family as well if need be.

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