Gun owners say no to UN treaty

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By Michael Dilig

There is a United Nations Arms Control Treaty against rifle ownership, but many locals are not willing to abide by by it, even if it were to pass.

Many families own rifles, and when several were asked about the treaty, they quickly responded with strong disagreement.

Rob Renshaw, 51, for example, said adoption of the treaty would encourage an expanded black market for guns.

Some students at College of the Canyons who own rifles are equally disturbed at the thought of a U.N. treaty restricting their Second Amendment rights.

Even some students who do not own any firearms, like Javier Ramirez, 19, said it’s not right for the U.S. government to impose such a treaty against any person’s right to bear arms because it goes against the Bill of Rights.

Since President Barack Obama’s re-election, he is pushing for the U.N. treaty to become a law in the U.S.

Jim Mitchell, the general owner of Oak Tree Gun Club in Newhall, says the treaty is ridiculous and unnecessary, and asks, if Russia or China didn’t sign the treaty, why would America do so? Russia is the top distributor and manufacturer of rifles in the world and China is second.

In order for the treaty to become law in the U.S, the Senate must approve of it first, then Obama would need to sign it into law.

During Obama’s first term, gun sales have been setting records as people expect stricter gun-control measures are only a matter of time, especially in the wake of mass killings like the recent attack on school children in Connecticut.

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, marked the biggest day in U.S. history for gun sales, Mitchell said. Oak Tree saw its share of increased sales, as well, he said.

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