COC Womens Basketball

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Dribble! Shoot! Take that ball to the hoop! The COC Women’s Basketball team is getting ready to work hard this season and with high hopes hopefully adding one more year to that State Conference Championship Banner .

Coach Greg Herrick has no doubt in his mind that the Women’s team will be able to produce an amazing season and accomplish their ultimate goal. “Every year we write down the location of the State Conference Championship on the board because our expectation is to play for the State Championship every year,” said Herrick

There’s no doubt that Coach Derrick has faith in his team, but as well as the Women themselves, Sophomore Hope Smith says “I’m really confident that we’re going to go all the way, there’s a lot of good talent that has come in and with everybody that came back this year, we’re going to be really good.”

The Women’s team practices 4 days a week and makes sure to keep up their athleticism along with their focus which is key. “We have great focus on the court, which we really need because we are on the court for about 40 minutes,” Freshman Shawn Kolani said.

The Women have one common goal and that’s to perform their best and give 110%. With that mentality, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that they will go all the way and add another year to their State Conference Championship banner.

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