COC hosts “meet the cultures” during international education week

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College of the Canyons celebrated culture during International Education week bringing together students from all over the world. The student center hosted  “Meet the cultures”  an event that helped students learn from other countries and also understand their traditions.

Each international student that was part of the event presented their flag, culture, and where its country was located in the world. The initiative of “meet the cultures” started with students that were interested in learning other cultures.

“I enjoy this event, it is very exciting to learn from other countries and to present your own” COC student Aziz from Saudi Arabia stated. “It is my first year here, and I am here to present my country.”

“Meet the cultures” was just part of the celebration of International education week, however it was a great learning experience for students.International Education Week is a celebration of our relationship to the world around us and is a great  to find out more about how it connect with others.


Carlos Revelo has been part of the cougar news program for the last two years. In the first year he experienced from writing articles to accomplish his first journalism piece as a student. Since 2011 he enrolled media entertainment art classes at College of the Canyons, enjoying writing, reporting, and creating an on air personality. Being a part of the media department has increased his skills and helped him through the process. In his time off, Carlos spends time with family and friends. He also enjoys watching sports, traveling, and learning new things everyday. His biggest passion is soccer and sports. He is always up for learning and being a better person each day. He enjoys being part of College of the Canyons for the past few years and is ready to graduate waiting for new challenges.

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