COC gives back to EOPS/CARE & CalWorks students

by Halie Cook, Staff Writer 567 views0

VALENCIA —College of the Canyons staff members presented new books to children of the colleges EOPS/CARE and CalWorks students annual Holiday Book Festival on last Saturday Dec. 1.
They were given a three book maximum and any used books were free for the taking. They also received a free pancake breakfast prepared by COC staff members, live music and board of trustees member, Joan MacGregor also read to the kids.
“Ive enjoyed this so much, something I look forward to start the season”, said Joan MacGregor. “To able to read to the children, see them pick out the books and be able to take them home, its all been really special.”
The event catered to over 100 students and their children, which is wildly successful in comparison to previous years.
Volunteers are encouraged to bring in new books but gently used are also accepted.
“Community members can get involved by contributing books, although we have an overwhelming response from the college we are always open to more”,said Pamela Brogdon-Wynne, EOPS/CARE & CalWORKs director.

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