Pavel Vogler

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By James Franck

In this Cougar News Spot Light we meet Pavel Vogler. Professor Vogler has been one of the art instructors here at COC since 2004.

He received most of his schooling in Europe acquiring degrees in fine arts and production design, before coming to America in 1992 where he received his masters in education from La Verne University.

Professor Vogler tries to stay up to date on technology and what the popular mediums are in art, because it helps him to communicate with his students.

He is amazed how people have gone from drawing on cave walls and tablet stones to computer tablets.

The professor  is also very proud of his score on Rate My  with a 4.5 average.

Professor Vogler also considers himself a good example of the American dream since leaving Europe twenty years ago.

He has  achieved  the goals he set to accomplish when he came to America, becoming a teacher.

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