Parents, pupils celebrate learning at Mitchell Community School

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Parents were the special guests at one SCV elementary school Friday for a “Celebration of Learning”.

Fourth-grade students and their parents participated in California State Standards based activities geared toward math and language arts skills-building practices at Mitchell Community School.

Each class participating in the event demonstrated a different set of skills they learned throughout the school year.

“Some rooms are doing science experiments, some are doing social studies,” said instructor Janay Callahan.

Callahan’s class designed a series of slideshow presentations focused on California’s different climates including valleys, deserts and coastal areas.

“They’re really excited to show that to their parents,” Calahan said.

“I did mine on the coast,” said Brandon, a fourth-grade student. “It has mountains and its really nice and it gets good waves,” he said.

“It’s really fun to show your parents what to do and everything,” said student Daisy Weiss (left).

“You can quiz them on your multiplication facts and try to beat them. You can do everything that we’re doing in class,” she said.

“We’re also learning about variables and expanding a logarithm so we’re showing them that,” she said.

The program started nearly ten years ago when a former teacher, now Pico Canyon principal Laura Banda, at a time when state standards weren’t as demanding, Callahan said.

The event also offers and opportunity for teachers to shed light on how their report card grades will look in two weeks.

“It’s really an eye opener for parents,” she said.

Austin Dave, Staff Writer

Austin spent two years in the GVTV television production class at Golden Valley High School — one year on the staff and one year as the student producer. Following graduation in June 2009 he enrolled in the News Media class at College of the Canyons, where he enjoys his position as Web Director of Cougar News Online ( In his spare time, Austin films and edits projects for local businesses, schools and bands. Video editing and cinematography are his two deepest passions. He enjoys living in the city of Santa Clarita and is the youngest member of the SCVTV staff.

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