Nothing to Smile About: The Vanishing Primates

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Sarah Etheridge, Anthropology professor at College of the Canyons, presented this fall’s 2012 Scholarly Presentation, “Nothing to Smile About: The Vanishing Primates” on Nov. 7, at the Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center.

“Many people probably don’t know exactly what a primate is,” said Etheridge.

The goal of the night’s program was to educate the audience about the plight of primates in the areas of economics, science and medicine.

“Some of the images will be graphic, but the reality is that these threats to primates are out there — it’s just that most of us are too disconnected from the issues to be able to do anything about them,” Etheridge said.

Beginning with a basic introduction into the world of primates, the presentation examined primates’ biological importance to society, along with the multitude of issues currently threatening the world’s primate population, including deforestation and the illegal pet and entertainment trade.

“I learned a lot about the conservation of primates and I learned a lot more about bush meat hunting and what we can do to help,” Said COC Student Kristin Krabach adding, “It was a really interesting presentation and I learned a lot.”

Etheridge received her B.A. in Anthropology and Political Science from Texas A&M Universtiy, her M.A. in Anthropology form CSU Fullerton, and is completing her PhD in Public Health – Epidemiology.

For more information on or to help with primate conservation visit these links:

The Jane Goodall Institute

Bushmeat Task Force

Apes in Entertainment

Great Ape Protection Act

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  1. It was a great presentation! 

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