Lisa Mott

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By Jessica Breneman

Lisa Mott is a very passionate art instructor here at College of the Canyons.

She is originally from Arkansas where she fell in love with art in high school.  After graduating college and getting her art degree she moved to California and proceeded to get a job here at COC.

As part of her job as the instructional tech for the art department, she designs and maintains their website, she hires all the models for the life drawing classes, and goes wherever she is needed.

Lisa loves her job and enjoys working with students the most.  She is very inspired by the students that are in her classes and appreciates the fresh ideas that each student comes up with.

Lisa often uses their ideas to help inspire and create new projects of her own. She says that art “is like any other discipline, you have to just keep doing it…Your brain is a muscle and the parts that you use are the parts that get strong.  So if you make art daily, it’s easier to stay in that groove.”

Lisa also has an art studio at home that she consistently works in to maintain her art skills.  Lisa wants to help her students, “find the thing that they love so much to do, they can’t wait to get up and do it everyday.”

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