Jim Schrage

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By Tommy Pang

Jim Schrage does plenty for College of the Canyons. He is the Assistant Superintendent, Vice President, Facilities Planning, Operations & Construction, and General Manager for the COC Ice Hockey Program.

Jim has been the general manager for twelve years for COC hockey when it first started in 2000-till now. He said “the game that stands out the most to him as the general manager” was in 2010 the semi-final game vs. Penn State.

It was a back and forth game till the last shift, until COC scored in overtime to advance to the ACHA Division 3 National Championship and eventually become National Champions and complete an undefeated season.

As General Manager for COC hockey, Schrage keeps track of the money and pays the bills, helps players register to classes, and talks to the  ASG (Associated Student Government).

Schrage  is happy to see young adults move on after COC to four-year universities (UC’s, CSU’s, Private, and Out of State Schools) and become successful.

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