Jennifer Pavia

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By Angelo Gepiga

Geology centers itself around the fundamentals of the Earth’s natural wonders and its processes. College of the Canyons professor, Jennifer Pavia, preaches everything Geology, from plate tectonics to minerals.

Jennifer Pavia has been teaching at College of the Canyons for a year, previously teaching Geology courses at Cal State Northridge. “The greatest feeling of accomplishment I get is when a previous student of mine comes up to and says, ‘I really enjoyed your class’,” Pavia stated when asked about some of the benefits of teaching college students, “it warms my heart when I get a response like that.”

Professor Pavia offers a hands-on lab course where students are allowed to view, touch, and sometimes taste various rocks and minerals. “The lab classes are awesome because you can take all the concepts you see in the lecture and apply them.”

Pavia also talked about her childhood trips to Hawaii and Half-Dome, where her love for geology truly began.

“My three loves in life are my family, my husband and son particularly, Geology, and teaching. I am a very blessed person.”

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