Cyber Monday vs. Black Friday

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Lines filed all the way outside of the mall for some stores on Black Friday and there was hardly any walking space for customers or employees at the Newhall Ranch Road Wal-Mart, but some 2011 statistics show Cyber Monday to be in the running with Black Friday.

There was obviously a time when Thanksgiving was simply Thanksgiving and the holidays were the holidays, but now the Friday after Thanksgiving is looked to as one of the biggest shopping days of the year and the following Monday seems to be its competition.

Black Friday has only recently become the busiest shopping day of the year.

In 2003, Black Friday was the busiest shopping day that year and has remained so since then.

Cyber Monday refers to the online version of Black Friday, where people can go all out on huge deals without standing in line for hours on black Friday.

Though Black Friday is fairly new to being the biggest shopping day of the year, it is not new to shoppers in general. However, Cyber Monday is a term that was coined only 7 years ago in November of 2005.

Apparently retailers noted that some shoppers couldn’t physically make it to the Black Friday sales and would look for online deals the following Monday.

IBM reported that Cyber Monday brought in 29.3% more online sales than Black Friday sales online in 2011.

Of course on Black Friday one is more likely to be found trying to find the last 55” flat screen television than online.

Shoppers may find that completely ignoring Black Friday and only using Cyber Monday takes away from the excitement and thrills of camping outside a department store.

Both shopping days show a record of shoppers in the millions.

Though some may believe that the question to pose is which will win this year, others say that the two days aren’t a competition.

CNBC reported in 2011 that bargain shoppers no longer look at the two days as “an either – or proposition”.

Perhaps this is the holiday shopping phenomenon evolved, if folks can’t find products on Black Friday, there’s always Cyber Monday ahead with more deals.

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