COC’s library gets a new addition

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College of the Canyons new library extension is equipped with around 70 brand new virtually operated computers, brand new technologically equipped study rooms, and a beautiful design.

The TLC portion of the library expansion was finished and ready to move into at the beginning of fall semester, but students still had weeks before they were able to experience the new upper portion of the library.

Students can now enjoy the added benefit of quiet, that the tutoring and learning in the TLC may not be able to offer.

Similar to the new TLC, study rooms in the library are equipped with flat television screens for students to view work as a group.

Upon study room rental students can check out a keyboard, mouse, and a USB key to operate computers on the flat screen.

Outside of the study rooms is an area called the Information Commons, that is dedicated entirely to computer access.

Each computer in the library is connected to a server, equipping it with services such as, Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Itunes, and more.

Besides the new technology that the library now offers, there are chairs with connected tables to do homework on and a quiet area to simply sit and read a book or otherwise.

The library’s new decor creates an atmosphere that allows students to be comfortable while studying.

To find out more about service offered by the library or their operating hours visit:

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