COC trustee Wilk resigns from board

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COC Board of Trustee and newly-elected 38th District Assemblyman, Scott Wilk, has resigned from his trustee position. The Signal reports Wilk sent his letter of resignation to the board Friday. His resignation will be effective Monday once he is sworn in to the California Assembly.

Wilk will replace termed-out Assemblyman Cameron Smyth.

Wilk was first appointed to the Santa Clarita Community College District Board in August 2006 and served as board president in 2010. He also served as a district director for Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon and as chief of staff for Assemblyman Tom McClintock.

In an interview with The Signal, Wilk said: “It’s been an honor to serve on the Board of Trustees. The whole experience has been reawarding and enriching and I’m sure whoever they select to replace me will be an excellent addition to the board.”

The Signal also reports the Board has the choice of appointing someone to replace Wilk or to hold a special election for the vacant seat. Board documents show the recommended option is to appoint a new trustee by Jan. 16.

Source: The Signal

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