Celina Baguiao

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Set at the COC Football/Soccer field I had the opportunity to meet with one of the hardest working women on this campus, Celina Baguiao.

In my interview with Celina Baguiao, Sports Information Director for COC, I learned some interesting things about her responsibilities here. Celina is responsible for information on all 16 sports teams on the campus, from football, volleyball, soccer and a host other sports teams and she has her hands full. She is in charge of all the publicity for the department, including websites, media guides, statistics, photos, and making sure the department is seen in a good light.

Her humble beginnings started right here at COC, then she received her B.S. at Cal State Northridge and then back here to Dianne G. Van Hook University Center to get her masters degree. Before becoming a full time staff member, Celina had a stint at Michigan University where she learned a lot about the sports information profession.

She returned to COC in 2004 as an intern and by 2007 was the full time staff member with interns for herself. Celina says that the best thing about working at COC is her interaction with the student athletes,  “I’ve created life long relationships with these kids and seen them become productive adults, that’s my favorite part.”

Celina hardly has time for her self often missing breakfast and sometimes missing lunch.  During  our interview, her sister was taking orders for a long over due lunch break. Her advice to others finding themselves interested in the sports information field is to, “Have thick skin, I didn’t have thick skin when I got here, I learned quickly. And you need to be a one stop shop you have to know how to do everything, I hear people say all the time what they don’t know, but I didn’t know a lot myself, but learn everything you can it all will pay off for the better. If you don’t learn then this isn’t the job for you because there will be a lot of things you will have to figure out. And inter as much as possible, experience is the best teacher.”

In my last few minutes with Celina, as she was getting ready for the second half of the women’s soccer game, she was brief and to the point. She simply said, “Don’t drop out of school, Get your degree.”

Celina Baguiao is the hardest workingwoman on this campus and I can vouch for that.



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