The 5th annual non profit fair

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Non-profit representatives gathered at College of the Canyons to provide information about volunteer opportunities in Santa Clarita. The fair itself is a way of resources to help the community. This event helps students to  see different alternatives for work experience.

The 5th Annual Non-profit Fair also offered a variety of presentations, and brief explanations of each volunteer program. Over 20 non-profit groups and organizations attended to the event including the American Cancer Society to the William S Hart Museum.

It is not a surprise that the event is becoming bigger each year, and that students are getting something positive out of the fair. Non-profit Fair has a purpose and is to help students and community members interact with non-profit causes. Connecting with one of the organizations is essential to explore volunteer experience.


Carlos Revelo has been part of the cougar news program for the last two years. In the first year he experienced from writing articles to accomplish his first journalism piece as a student. Since 2011 he enrolled media entertainment art classes at College of the Canyons, enjoying writing, reporting, and creating an on air personality. Being a part of the media department has increased his skills and helped him through the process. In his time off, Carlos spends time with family and friends. He also enjoys watching sports, traveling, and learning new things everyday. His biggest passion is soccer and sports. He is always up for learning and being a better person each day. He enjoys being part of College of the Canyons for the past few years and is ready to graduate waiting for new challenges.

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