Mother and daughter take ESL class together

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A mother taking an ESL class attends the same school, class and sits in the same seat as her daughter.

The teacher was the first to notice that the mother began sitting in her daughter’s seat. The teacher asked whether anyone has a son or daughter who attends the school and the mother raised her hand.

“I have never been in a situation where I have a mother and daughter, or even a father and son combination. This is my first,” Rob Isquierdo Jr., Sierra Vista Jr. High School and Golden Oak Adult School ESL teacher said.

Fatima Cruz helps her mother by further explaining to her and clarifying the lesson plan.

“Fatima is not hear regularly but she did show up tonight support her mother. I was impressed at how well she was able to work with her mother.”

Elizabeth Alcibar, Fatima’s mother said, “The difference is when she [Fatima] came I felt more confident. Like, she explains to me the conversations.

“[Fatima] helps me a little more. I open up a little more with her and participate more.”

Fatima attends Sierra Vista Jr. High School during the day for regular student hours.

Fatima said, “This is my first time coming her [ESL class] because I have never been here. But I think it is good because my mom gets to learn more and understand stuff we say in the house.”

The ESL classes are taught at Golden Oak Adult School at Newhall or at Sierra Vista Jr. High School.

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