Monday is the deadline to register to vote

by Christian Judy, Staff Writer 649 views0

The deadline to vote in the November election is Monday, Oct. 22.

Oct. 22, is the last opportunity you will have to register to vote! You can register online or postmark your registration form by tonight’s midnight deadline.

There are many important issues in this year’s election, so be sure to be informed while you are at the voter’s booth Nov. 6. You can see several of the local propositions on our website under the “Opinions” tab.

Tomorrow, there will also be a group of students on campus giving voters the opportunity to learn about these propositions as well.

Cougar News will also be previewing the local races for the 38th District Assembly seat and the local congressional seat being contested as well.

The presidential race has key issues such as the nation’s economic growth, military power, and women’s rights. Be sure to register today so your voice can be heard on these issues Nov. 6.

Tune in to Time Warner Cable channel 20 or watch us on the web at on Nov. 6, to see our coverage of local and national races.

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