Model United Nations club to attend local conference this weekend

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ANAHEIM — College of the Canyons club, Model United Nations, is attending a local conference to meet up with other universities to practice their skills and compete for awards on Oct. 12-14.

“Essentially, the way Model UN works is each student is assigned a country and an issue. For instance, I have reducing carbon emission in developing countries and improving communicative technology in developing countries, and I am representing Greece,” says Marcos Fernandez, a student participating in this years conference.

The conference has two phases, the first is a formal debate and speech were students present ideas on how to fix problems they are assigned.

The second phase is a caucus. During which students practice diplomatic skills and try to get everyone committed to the solutions they came up with.

Along with the training sessions, debates and speeches there will be a reception at Downtown Disney where all the participants can relax and socialize.

It is a $15 fee to attend the Downtown Disney reception and all hotel fees are the responsibility of the students.

The club is funded by COC and though the students attending are not necessarily chaperoned, their Professor Phil Gussin goes along to supervise and help when needed.

Other Southern California schools attending include Cal State Northridge and Long Beach, Cal Lutheran and many UC schools.

At the end of the conference students who showed special skills are presented with awards for doing well.

“My favorite part of MUN is it’s a great way to practice skills like public speaking, debate, research, leading in groups. It improves your overall leadership skills. There’s also a great team atmosphere I enjoy too!” says Fernandez.

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  1. Don’t just debate the issues…debate the structure of the UN as well…


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