Lowe’s Music holds a monthly open mic night

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On the last Thursday of each month beginners, professionals, and all types of skill level players from all ages come out to enjoy a fun night of music.

From rock, bluegrass, karaoke, acapella, spoken word, people come out to perform individually or get together with fellow musicians and impromptu collaborations.

From people playing cover songs to original music, it makes the night more interesting, unique, and unpredictable every single month.

Owner and musician Lee Lowe started this monthly event last year giving people a place to play, meet other musicians, and to have a good time. “It’s an event for everybody,” said Lowe. “We do this to encourage people that don’t play very well a forum to perform in front of people to get their feet wet.”

Solo act performer

With roughly 15 to 20 performers and an audience of 40 to 50 people, there are never any expectations since the event isn’t over hyped or advertised as it’s more naturally a word of mouth event.

Lowe’s Music supplies performers with all equipment including cables, amplifiers, drum symbols, microphones, and a PA system, leaving people only bringing their favorite guitar, drum sticks, and any personal gear.

The event is free of charge with sign-ups at 7:45 p.m. on the last Thursday of each month with the event kicking off around 8 p.m. Lowe’s Music is located at 22932 1-2 W. Lyons Ave. in Newhall.

For more information about Lowe’s Music open mic/jam night visit www.facebook.com/lowesmusicstore

Oscar Rogel, Staff Writer

Born and raised in city of Santa Clarita, Oscar Rogel is a full time student at College Of The Canyons, and has a full time job. Oscar is on his way to being the first in his family to earn his AA degree. He is currently enrolled in the MEA 225 class to continue to improve his skills in all areas to one day work for a Television News or Radio Station. Oscar has some nice experience when it comes to being in front of crowd or being asked to get a job done. From 2004 to 2010 Oscar served in United States Marines Corps where he was a Motarman for his Marine reserve unit and in 2009 deployed overseas to Iraq. In between that time frame Oscar also continued to take classes at C.O.C. and discovering a passion for music learning how to play guitar and bass and being part of a few bands along the way playing a couple of live shows. He has had experience with doing some work with SCVTV and interning at KHTS radio. In the end Oscar Rogel brings discipline, patience, a hard work ethic, and a eagerness to learn more to improve his skills.

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