Lombardi Ranch hosts its annual harvest event

by Halie Cook, Staff Writer 577 views0

SAUGUS — Lombardi Ranch hosts a harvest event every weekend now through Oct. 28 with live music, bake sales, pumpkin carving and a scarecrow contest.
Lombardi Ranch has been a place for families to come and pick a pumpkin for over 30 years, and this year is no different.
All ages are welcome at the ranch and because of its atmosphere, it has been very popular since around 1989 when the family owned farm started doing their Halloween Festival.
Since then the theme has changed from Halloween to more of a harvest theme to showcase not only pumpkins, but the home-grown produce.
Some events featured on weekends include a petting zoo, wagon ride, and a corn maze.
The corn maze is one of the most popular activities at the ranch, even though it is not actually a corn maze, it’s a sunflower field.
“My favorite part is running around the corn maze,”  said Javier Romero, a local teenager who attended the event with his family.

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