Local congressional race faces controversy

by Christian Judy, Staff Writer 590 views1

Dr. Lee Rogers, challenger of the 25th Congressional District, speaks out against his opponent Congressman Buck McKeon regarding allegations made toward him by former KHTS reporter Mark Archuleta.

The local radio station KHTS fired reporters Carol Rock and Mark Archuleta October 15th due to budget issues. In a town hall meeting the following week, Archuleta addressed the Santa Clarita City Council with allegations of media suppression from Congressman McKeon’s office.

A short time later, Rogers posted an article on his website regarding Archuleta’s comments.

Congressman McKeon denied the allegations in an interview with Cougar News.

Owner of KHTS, Carl Goldman, posted an article on the KHTS website addressing the issue and explaining the owner’s reasons for firing the two reporters.

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  1. It’s amazing how one person can get up on his soap box in front of the City and claim he was fired when he was really laid off. Then keep exaggerating and perfecting the story over and over about being fired when he was laid off and have everyone believing what they want to be true; a scandle. Notice how even this student reporter also uses the word fired as though its the truth rather than using the word “alledgedly” because he is not absolutely sure himself. I would love to see a quality reporter and news story break it down the middle. If you use the word allegation for “media suppression” you should use the word allegation for “fired” as we’ll. I guess all reporters use words to spin, to make the story more dramatic. We know politicians do it all the time. And finally, as this reporter reads the last phrase from Goldman’s editorial he says “re-assessing the workload” rather than what it actually says “re-assigning the workload. Spinning words is like sleight of hand for a magician as it is to a reporter.

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