Disneyland cracks down on ‘ticket renting’

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Families and fun-seekers looking for a bargain on Disneyland tickets have been denied entry into the resort after “renting” deeply discounted tickets from third-party sellers.

KABC-TV reports that an anonymous ticket broker “buys multiday Disneyland passes from an authorized seller, then rents out the ticket per day for $85. The person paying the money must return the ticket at the end of the day, and that ticket is then used by someone else.”

Guests suspected of using rented tickets to gain entry into the parks have been questioned by Disney employees about where they bought their tickets, asked for identification, and even had the tickets confiscated.

Through Disneyland and its authorized sellers, one-day park hopper tickets are $125.

Many ticket renters also photocopy driver’s licenses or credit cards as collateral if renters do not return the tickets.

Ticket renting is not illegal, but it is against Disney’s policy, therefore subjecting guests to confiscation and denied park access if discovered. Disneyland Resort tickets are not transferrable, and must be used by the same person on all days.

Some ticket renters do offer refunds or new tickets for customers who had their tickets confiscated.

The company is cracking down on this practice, and intends to use a new technology to prevent it in the coming future, said Suzi Brown, a spokesperson for Disney.

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